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Frogspawn Coral


Euphyllia Paradivisa

October 01, 2013 by Peter (0 Comments)
Just wanted to post an update almost a year later of how our little Frogspawn coral is doing.

After re-doing our 55 gallon tank with better flow and strong LED lighting, the Frogspawn has really taken off. In less than a year, it now has around 5 or 6 heads and is just massive. I think we're putting together this new large tank together just in time. The Frogspawn should now have tons of room to grow in the new tank.

October 29, 2012 by Peter (0 Comments)
When I started reef keeping a was a lot more interested in reef fish over coral. My wife on the other hand really loved all the different varieties of coral.

Being brand new to the hobby and not knowing anything, we tried out a few corals with no success. We came to find out the LEDs on our 55 gallon display tank were way too weak to most kinds of hard coral, with the hole fixture being as strong as one LED bulb in our 240 gallon build. We did have some luck with the LPS Frogspawn coral.

We bought a tiny head of Frogspawn from a LFS and didn't notice any growth for a few months, then all of a sudden it started growing like weeds. It is still very small, but has really increased in size. Since the Frogspawn doesn't require much light and gets nutrients from the water, we've had pretty good luck with it.

I can't wait to move this little Frogspawn into our 240 gallon tank and see how it'll flourish in a much better system both lighting and filtration wise.

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