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Yellow Belly Regal Blue Tang


Paracanthurus Hepatus var.

October 30, 2012 by Peter (0 Comments)
Here's one thing that is hard for me to accept when it comes to reef keeping... the coolest fish are normally the biggest dicks!

There are three fish I would love to keep in my new large reef tank. They are the Achilles Tang, Sohal Tang and Crosshatch Trigger. While the Achilles isn't too bad, it's still a lot meaner than say a Powder Blue or Mimic Tang and will attack other Acanthurus tangs in a reef. The other two might just be too mean to introduce into our tank, and if we decide to, they would have to be the last fish added in.

The Sohal Tang is a beautiful fish, but they are notorious for being the most aggressive tang. Not only would they attack other tangs in the tank, but they have also been known to chase divers. I keep on trying to tell myself that if I got one it would be a model citizen, and for every bad story I hear about them I hear two other people say they are fine. The other problem is that a 240 might even be a bit too small for a Sohal... I guess I'll have to see down the line. Maybe if I get a baby 1-2" Sohal and the Achilles and Purple (another tang dick) Tangs are large they'll put him in place. Hopefully when the Sohal grew up it wouldn't take out it's aggression on it's now smaller bullies.

Of all the reef fish I would love to keep but have to pass on are Triggers. I had a stunning Niger Trigger in our tank for a few months, but he started to take out shrimp and I got scared her would start to pick on smaller fish. Around the time we were going to take out baby Yellow Belly Blue Tang and Black Ice Clownfish (also tiny) out of quarantine and put them into the display tank I gave away out Niger to my tank builder.

I read that some triggers including the Crosshatch Trigger play nice in reefs and thought I would end up with one in the new tank. Naturally I did more reading and heard stories of them taking out smaller fish, so I took that off the list. Since our little Ocellaris Clownfish has been around since day one there was no chance of having him eaten by a larger fish. Too bad such a stunning fish... I was even able to find a source or two that could get a Crosshatch at a very low price...

Oh well it looks like a nice and peaceful tank over hear... I won't even mention when I thought about looking into Dragon Moray Eels...

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