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Our first tank crash and the little Blue Tang that passed away
October 30, 2012 by Peter (0 Comments)
I knew that keeping a saltwater tank was not easy to do well, but if I knew the learning curve involved beforehand I don't think I would have bought a tank.

Our first tank was a 55 gallon tank with a heater and a hang on the back filter. Needless to say this is not the best setup for keeping a thriving reef. The first fish we bought after our tank cycled was an Ocellaris Clownfish and a Blue Tang. Yeah the store was really smart to sell us that Blue Tang for a 55... but whatever. From day one the little Blue Tang had Ich on and off, nothing major but you could see a spot every now and then. For the most part though it was very happy in the tank.

Still knowing nothing about keeping a saltwater tank, I thought I'd upgrade my filtration and buy a big Eheim canister filter and a AquaC Remora hang on the back skimmer. This setup if just fine for a super low bioload system, and I plan on leaving it on the 55 gallon holding tank. I am just running live rock rubble in the canister though.

Anyway back to the story, I got my new skimmer and filter and proceeded to rip off the old hang on the back filter and it's nice and full of bacteria bio wheel and install the new filter and skimmer. On top of that I put in some newly mixed saltwater. I didn't know how to mix water back then and used a pump to mix the water instead of a powerhead or two and the water was always like 50% mixed when I put it in.

I didn't think much about it at the time, just thought I was making the situation better... cloudy water and all. The next day we woke up and the blue tang was barely swimming and being drug around the tank by a cleaner shrimp. It then got away and swam into a rock and died. It was extremely sad for my wife and I.

That day I figured out that hooking up a brand new filter (including the included filter media... UGH!) and removing the old filter full of bacteria pretty much set off a little cycle in the tank. The baby Blue Tang just couldn't take the change.

Luckily putting that old filter back on later that day and letting it run with the new filter for a few weeks fixed that crash. Only the Blue Tang passed away during that mistake, but soon to come was a huge crash with hundreds of dollars of fish taken out... the cause of that was live rock... and I'll talk all about that in a day or two.

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