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Sure Flow 1600 Maxi Jet 1200 Mod great bang for the buck
October 31, 2012 by Peter (0 Comments)
I've spent a small fortune on powerheads while keeping our tanks, so when it came time to add some flow to quarantine tanks and for mixing saltwater I decided I wanted to go cheap.

The best balance between price and performance I could find was to buy Maxi Jet 1200s and use the Sure Flow 1600 mod to turn them into big-time water movers. Basically the Sure Flow mod changes the stock propeller and propeller cage to achieve more flow.

The mod includes two propellers so you can choose the amount of flow that best suits your needs. I thought I'd use the small propeller for the most flow on the three Maxi Jet 1200s I bought. After installing the small propeller I was shocked with just how loud they were. They had a very loud clicking noise and I really didn't feel like leaving with the noise until it built up a layer of algae.

The larger propeller still pushes a ton of water and is pretty much silent. The 3 Sure Flow Maxi Jets I have are all running the large propeller now. Apart from the random sucking/chatter noise they are great. The only thing you need to know is that the stock suction cups that come with the Maxi Jet 1200 aren't strong enough to hold the Sure Flow 1600 in place. Every few days I have to re-attach the powerheads. I plan on buying magnets for them once they have a more permanent home.

I plan to use one Sure Flow 1600 on my 55 gallon quarantine tank full time, which I will buy magnets for. The other two Sure Flow 1600s will be used to mix salt water and maybe see time in other quarantine tanks short term.

They are still a bit too noisy for me to consider using in my display tank. I will have two large Sicce Voyager HP 4000s (4000 gallons per hour) and two Quiet One 6000 Pros (1600 gallon per hours) running the returns for the flow in the display tank anyway. For around less that $40 you can have a modded Maxi Jet 1200 pushing 1600 gallons per hour (big propeller) or 2000+ gallons per hour (small propeller). If you can live with the occasional noise, they can't be beat.

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