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Saltwater fish as Christmas presents what a great idea
November 02, 2012 by Peter (0 Comments)
The thrid time we encountered a loss of fish was a pretty strange situations to say the least...

Right before Christmas time we met my wife's father and his girlfriend for dinner. After sitting down we were told that our Christmas present was in their car, but we should take it home soon. After eating we went out to their car and we saw our present.

Our present was a Sailfin Tang, 3 Yellowtail Damsels and a Fire Shrimp. I was shocked and pretty upset, but you can't really tell them to take the fish back, since they probably wouldn't end up living. We decided to take them home and hope for the best.

At this time we still weren't quarantining new fish and had to add all of the fish right to the display tank. The fish all seemed fine, minus one Damsel that was very light in color and missing some of his fins.

Now up until this time our little 55 gallon tank was doing pretty well and I was actively looking for a larger tank to upgrade to. The current livestock was a Niger Trigger (gave away to my tank builder), Yellow Tang, Ocellaris Clownfish and a Skeletor Moray Eel. Everybody got along just fine and I hadn't seen any signs for alarm. No ICH, Flukes, etc...

We acclimated all of the new fish and let them free in the display tank. Instantly the Yellow Tang took interest in the Sailfin Tang and started chasing it. The next morning the sickly Damsel was found dead at the bottom of the tank. Soon after another Damsel passed away. Around this time we noticed ICH spots on the Sailfin, also some of his fins were frayed.

I knew this wasn't going to work out in a small tank and started looking for a new home for the Sailfin, but it was too late. The Sailfin passed away soon after the first signs of ICH. I had to later also get rid of the last living Damsel after it wouldn't stop chasing the Yellow Belly Blue Tang and Black Ice Clownfish I added a few months later. The Fire Shrimp although being best friends with the Skeletor Eel soon became Trigger bait.

Now after all the deaths and first signs of ICH in my tank we decided to visitor the store where the fish were bought. It wasn't a LFS, but rather a general pet store far North of us. As soon as we stepped inside I got so upset. This place had snakes, lizards, puppies in tiny cages, etc... Their saltwater fish all had ICH and the tanks didn't seem kept up with. So no wonder these fish died and brought disease and tension to my tank. The day the Sailfin died, the other fish seemed normal again. Removing the tension between the two Zebrasoma Tangs suddenly fixed the moods of the rest of the fish.

Now for the gift that keeps giving, soon I had flukes pop up in the tank. Was pretty easy to get rid of, but still.

This was a horrible lesson of why you can never accept livestock as a present and why every single thing that goes into your tank needs to go through the proper quarantine procedure.

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