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Visiting San Antonio tomorrow and going to window shop at LFS
November 02, 2012 by Peter (0 Comments)
So enough with the super depressing all my fish died posts!

Tomorrow my wife and I are going to San Antonio for a jewelry show she wanted to attend. Apart from stopping for some good Mexican food, we're going to stop by three local fish stores as well. If you've read my previous posts, you know I'm not the biggest fan in the world of LFS. In Austin, I really haven't found a store I trust 100%, needless to say I wouldn't buy fish from them again.

We visited two stores in San Antonio about 8 months ago and I was pretty impressed. One store had a whole section of the store dedicated to quarantining fish, which I think is crucial. Just dropping new arrivals in the main system in a store is a horrible idea, and from what I've seen every store in Austin does that. The other store in San Antonio was pretty new and didn't really seem fully up and running when we stopped by, but I'm really curious to see how they've progressed.

A local forum also pointed me to a store I hadn't heard of before. They sell online and just opened up to the public about 6 months ago. They seem to have some very rare fish (what I'm interested in) and I'm really excited to check them out.

Last time we were in San Antonio I actually bought a Black Ice Clownfish and he never had any issues. Passed quarantine with flying colors and is now in our display tank being a model citizen. This time naturally, I'm still waiting on my tank to be completely, so nothing will be bought. Knowing my luck somebody will have a nice fat Achilles Tang that will eat anything on sale for $80 or something... UGH!!!

Either way I've promised myself to wait until my tank is 100% up and running before I buy anything. Also I've become so jaded to LFS recently, that it would take the nicest store in the World to even coax me into buying anything. I don't think it would even be financially viable for a LFS to operate like how I would expect. I don't see any store getting new arrivals and holding them for weeks in quarantine before hitting the shelves... oh well I'm crazy... but I'm aware of it at least lol.

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