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Surf N Turf Coral our first try at SPS Coral
October 01, 2013 by Peter (0 Comments)
The main goal of starting over with our 55 gallon tank was to try to keep more difficult species of coral. The most difficult type of coral to keep are the SPS/Acropora variety.

After going to a very nice coral store, but finding out they didn't keep much SPS, I had to bite the bullet and buy a tiny frag of Surf N Turf Coral from a store I didn't much like. The owner, who is so set in his old fashioned ways, even told me SPS would not grown under LEDs.

Needless to say, less than a year later, that tiny SPS frag has just blown up in size. I really can't wait to get this Surf N Turf into the new tank and get it under better LEDs with much more flow and better filtration. I have a feeling this might become a superstar coral in my new tank.

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