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Tangs Tangs Everywhere I think I might have a problem
October 26, 2012 by Peter (0 Comments)
Naturally with our large reef tank almost being down, I'm getting all anxious about getting some new fish...

For the longest time I've wanted an Achilles Tang in a reef tank. From day one of the 240 gallon reef tank build, I've thought mainly of setting up the tank to make an Achilles happy. First was to get a tank that was big enough and long enough for an Achilles. The 8 foot - 240 gallon tank should be big enough. Also another very important aspect of keeping an Achilles is high flow. I have bought two 4000 gallon per hour powerheads and a wave controller to get high flow and have it be more varied and surge like. My tank builder also thinks I went overboard a bit on the returns. I have two 1700 gallon per hour pumps driving four return lines. Now I'm really hoping this will be enough flow for even the pickiest Achilles. My wife does think I'm a bit nuts for wanting an expensive black fish... needless to say one as fragile as an Achilles. She said she could just take $200 dollars and throw it on the barbeque and it would give us just about as much pleasure as trying to keep an Achilles. I understand they are expensive and hard to keep, but it seems key to just get one that is fat and eating in the first place. Have a fat and ravenous Achilles seems to be 90% of the battle, and you win the war if you get over the first month or so of keeping one alive. Also Ich seems to be a huge problem for Achilles, but since I'm pretty anal about quarantine and don't put anything into my tank for other peoples thanks, I hope I won't have that issue. Also I am going to wait until the 240 is pretty established before trying the Achilles.

Another fish I really wanted to keep was a Purple Tang. I actually just lost a Purple Tang that was stuck in quarantine for many months. I made the mistake of buying the tang before my tank was done and the best things take a lot of time... so the Purple Tang suffered for my impulse buy... I think sitting in QT for so long with below par filtration ended up getting to him. Once the new tank is up and running, I plan on getting another Purple Tang and also an additional Yellow Tang into two QT tanks. I will then introduce the new Purple and Yellow Tangs into the 240 at the same time as my existing Yellow Tang. Since these Tangs don't get along in pairs, three should lessen the Tang warfare.

While on the subject of Tangs. I would also love to add another Tang into the tank but am scared. I've fallen in love with the Sohal Tang, but I know a 240 will be too small for it. Also it's very aggressive, and will probably kill the similar shaped Achilles. A Powder Blue and Mimic tang would also be nice, but again they wouldn't get along with an Achilles because of their shape. That leaves me with getting either a Blonde Naso (Maybe too big?) or a Bristle tooth Tang down the line. With a Yellow Belly Blue Tang, two Yellow Tangs, a Purple Tang and an Achilles I might be stretching it. I guess we'll see how they fit in the tank before I start adding more tangs... I don't want to upset the Tang Police after all :x

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