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My gripes with most of the local fish stores I have been to
October 29, 2012 by Peter (1 Comment)
Color me a little weird, but I really don't like local fish stores (LFS). Sure it's fun to walk into a store and see a ton of fish and BS with the employees... but after you look a little deeper I normally have a bad taste in my mouth

I'm not saying that every LFS is terrible, or even most, but when you get serious about your reef and what goes into it, you tend to take off the rose colored glasses.

Seeing dead fish and aiptasia are the obvious negatives you come across at some LFS, which can be fixed with better maintenance and housekeeping. Given the scale of fish LFS order and the stress of shipping, it's expected that fish with die. When you see fish at various levels of decomposition, then it's just being lazy.

I'm so anal about what goes into my tanks that some other things really upset me about LFS. Since tons of holding tanks are normally tied in to each other, if one fish is sick in a system then all the fish in that system will have the chance of getting infected... not to mention all the fish that enter that holding system while that infection is still present in the water. I'm not in a terrible hurry to bring home a fish with a bad case of ICH or flukes and introduce that into my QT tanks. Even more troubling is when you see a sick fish in a coral tank. I know coral really can't carry a fish disease, but the water you bring back home from the LFS with your coral sure does.

Now keeping a fish in a QT tank for 4-8 week is pretty long, but when you add on a fish with ICH you could double or triple that. Even after treating the fish, the ICH could still be present in that tank for months without a host. I personally like to QT new fish in a more realistic tank environment, meaning live rock, sand, etc... so if I have an outbreak it really screws up the QT tank for some time. I'll get into why I prefer this means of QT over a bare tank with PVC later on.

In the end, I would rather order my fish online from a reputable source. Not only do I get exactly what I want (by the next day), but I am also able to do more research and avoid any impulsive purchases. As for coral, I'm lucky that there is a big coral only online seller based in Austin, so I plan on doing all my coral shopping there :)

As with everything, there are exceptions. This is just my experience with most of the local fish stores I have visited.

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LFS=local fish store.
Posted by: Robb on 10/30/2012 9:43:56 AM
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