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Should your sand or live rock go into your new tank first
October 29, 2012 by Peter (0 Comments)
When it comes to which order to add sand (substrate) and live rock to a reef tank there are two trains of thought.

One camp thinks it's better to place your rock first and get it nice and solid before adding in the sand. The other thinks it's better to place an even layer of sand, then add in your rock.

For our 240 gallon build, I had originally planned to put the rock in first and then put the sand in around it. After more and more thought I've decided to put the sand in first. Since I don't plan on having a deep sand bed, and only having 1-2" of aragonite, I thought it might be a better plan to go the sand first route.

Also since I have a bottom dweller in the Skeletor Moray Eel, I'd really like to make sure I have sand placed evenly throughout the tank. With the sand bed not being so thick, I should be able to push the base rock down onto the base of the tank anyway. Since the tank will only be ready to be installed in the next week or two my opinion might again change. Either way, I've decided to add more sand, since I think the original 1/2" of sand will not be enough

Expect a lot of pictures and a write-up of the sand and live rock going in as soon as the tank gets back from my tank builder.

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