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Live rock takes over our bathroom and I get in some trouble
October 29, 2012 by Peter (0 Comments)
I had originally planned to buy all of my live rock from a wholesaler, but that all changed when a great deal on established live rock came up on a local reef forum

I went to the forum member’s house and pulled out around 250 lbs of 4 year old rock out of the 240 gallon FOWLR tank. I then placed all of the rock into two large Rubbermaid tubs in one of our guest bathrooms. Along with powerheads, I also placed large heaters in each tub.

My tank ended up taking a lot more time to be completed, so over the next few months I had various tubs storing RO water through out that bathroom. That all ended when part of the drywall in that bathroom got wet and was messed up. My wife pulled the plug on that and I dumped out around 250 gallons of RO water and consolidated all of the live rock in one large tub in the bathtub.

Since I'm a little paranoid of putting rock, fish, inverts, corals, etc... from other peoples tanks into mine I was a little worried about what might be on this live rock. Through my tank build taking a few months longer than planned, any nasty hitchhiker or fish disease should have died out with no hosts and lack of nutrition.

Needless to say both my with and I can't wait for the new tank to be completed so we can get one of our bathrooms back. I'm still surprised my wife didn't make me just sell the rock when the wall was damaged. Guess I'm going to owe her big time after all of this.

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