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20 Gallon Long Quarantine and Hospital Tank
October 30, 2012 by Peter (0 Comments)
I bought this little 20 gallon long glass tank at Petco during their dollar per gallon sale. My original plans for this tank was that it would be my quarantine tank, which for small fish would be just fine.

The more I started looking at the type of fish I would like to keep, I realized that keeping a 3-5" tang for 4-6 week in a 20 gallon tank just wasn't going to work. Our original 55 gallon display tank would work much better for those larger fish.

We have used this 20 gallon tank to quarantine a few fish including our Yellow Belly Blue Tang and Black Ice Clownfish with good outcomes.

My new plan is to have the 55 gallon tank setup as a second tank which will always be up. This tank will be used for all new fish as a sort of holding and monitor tank, where the fish can get used to being in a tank and eating and we can see if anything goes wrong. The 20 gallon tank will then be used as a bare bottom tank for when a fish needs a little extra help that doesn't make sense to treat either the display tank or 55 gallon holding tank with medication.

Right now the 20 gallon tank is being used to house the live rock from a 40 gallon quarantine tank that held our purple tank for 5 months and he ended up passing away, I'm guessing due to stress and horrible filtration on that 40 gallon tank. I'm going to let the rock sit in this tank and do water changes until I feel like the rock is nice and clean.

After that I will take some of that rock out and put it in the 40 gallon tank and leave the rest in the 20 gallon. I will then quarantine a new Yellow and Purple Tang in each tank while the 240 gallon is cycling. My hopes are to put the new Yellow and Purple Tangs in the 240 at the same time as my existing Yellow Tang. Hopefully these Zebrasoma Tangs will get along in a group of three if adding at the same time to the 240.

This little 20 gallon tank is really the little tank that could. We'll keep you posted on each little build it goes through in the coming months and years.

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