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470 Gallon Display Tank

October 01, 2013 by Peter (0 Comments)
I know I haven't posted in ages to the site, but rest assured that is going to change.

In December of last year, we sold our 240 gallon tank after endless months of it never being converted to a reef ready tank. After so much heartache on that tank, I knew it was time for a change.

After much begging and whining, my wife allowed me to get a larger tank. I wanted the largest I could fit through the garage door and also that would fill the space where I wanted the tank to go. The dimensions I had in my mind where 123x30x30". I also wanted to go with acrylic, since moving glass is a pain and I'm a little nervous having a 10 foot glass panel.

After taking a few months away from the hobby, I started getting quotes on the new tank. One of the better quotes, and more importantly, the company that seemed the most interested in my project was Jeff at Pimped Out Aquariums in Maryland.

After a few months the new tank was done. The final dimensions ended up being 120x29x31". 120" panels seemed to be the max we could find. Jeff had told me that panels would sometimes come in a bit longer. Jeff also ended up building my tank out of 1" acrylic, since the 3/4" acrylic is now a little thinner than .75". Jeff just didn’t' feel right building a 31" tall tank out of under 3/4" acrylic. Jeff absorbed the additional cost, which was a huge shock to me and showed the type of person he is.

The tank was shipped from Maryland to Austin, Texas in just a few days and arrived without any issues. The closest terminal to us was in San Antonio, my wife and I rented a Penske truck and picked it up. Lucky for us, a local reef club member, Tim, came to help us take the tank in the house. Tim has moved some huge tanks in his day, and with his tank lift, we were able to move the tank into place with just Tim, my wife and I. Funny enough, we had about 1" of clearance width wise and 2" of clearance length wise. Otherwise the tank would not have fit in the house. It's just funny that the tank was such an exact fit.

I just ordered 400 lbs of mixed dry rock (prime cuts / regular) from Marco Rocks, and it will cure in an aqua farm for a few months after an acid wash. The stand will also be started soon and made out of steel by a local reef club member as well. All that's left is to plumb the sump and setup the auto-topoff and automatic water change systems.

I'm so excited, and am one step closer to having a large reef tank with the hope of keeping a Sohal Tang and Achilles Tang together. Keep checking back to follow the build of this monster 470 gallon reef tank.

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